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Enabling JavaScript on Internet Explorer and Netscape

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
1.In Internet Explorer Menu, select Tools >> Internet Options
2.In the 'Internet Options' window, Choose the Security tab
3.Choose the Internet zone
4.Click on the Custom Level... button
5.Scroll down until you see the Scripting heading.
6.In the first subheading, Active Scripting, click the radio button labelled Enable
7.Answer Yes to the message "Are you sure you wish to change security settings for this zone?"
8.Click OK in the 'Internet Options' window to commit the change.

Netscape Navigator 4
1.In the Netscape Navigator Menu, select Edit >> Preferences...
2.Click on the Advanced Category
3.Click the checkbox labelled Enable JavaScript if it is not already checked.
4.Click the OK button to commit the change.
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